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Top 10 Website Speed Test Tools (FREE)

Hardik Oza
April 16, 2019 1 Comment

Want to speed up your website performance in 2019?

In this article, I’ll show you some of the best tools to improve your website speed & optimization process.

Let’s start:

One of the biggest problems arises for every website owner is that slow loading website.

Nobody likes slow (Turtle walking) website, people want fast sites and so does Google.

It is essential to improve your website loading speed. “The web world should be fast & furious” (Google says).

A slow website can decrease your sales. Not so good for business.

Even one studies say that the user leaves the website within 3 seconds if the page is not properly loaded.

Now you might be having a question:  

How fast should a website load?

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In the above image, John Mueller said that “2 second is the threshold for E-commerce website”. It is also applicable for a normal website

Google always prefer quick loading websites rather than slow websites.

Bad user experience will not be accepted by Google. Google always eye upon Good UX experience these days.

Do you wanna know what actually causing your website performance?

Let’s zoom it:

Factors which slowing down your website speed

Here are some of the frustrating reasons for slow loading website:

  1. Large size images
  2. Unnecessary redirects of pages (302 or 303 redirects)
  3. Too many unnecessary plugins & widgets
  4. Server location & performance
  5. A high volume of traffic (yes, it is)
  6. Not using CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  7. No Caching

If you watch this video, Google has stated that a fast loading website will be a ranking factor in 2019

If you really want to rule the 1st page of Google SERP, this is the time for all kind businesses to focus on delivering blistering fast sites on both (DESKTOP & MOBILE) devices.

And if not, your competitor will gain a higher ranking above you.

What are the benefits of a faster loading website?

Following are some of the benefits of having a fast loading website:

  1. SEO ranking will get a boost.
  2. Good UX experience
  3. Low bounce rate
  4. Conversion rates will be higher
  5. Visiter will stay more on the website
  6. More traffic to your website
  7. Higher engagement with content

Now let’s look one by one the following tools to check your website speed performance:

Almost every tool will provide actionable information along with the following to optimize your website for fast loading.

☑ Page Speed Score
☑ Page size
☑ Number of requests made to load the page
☑ Waterfall chart
☑ Time is taken to load the page
☑ Y-Slow score

1. PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers

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This is one of the best website speed test tool developed by Google. They give performance reports on a scale of 1-100 score (mobile & desktop devices). This score is decided by running Lighthouse to collect and analyze data of a page. Higher the number, better the results.

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Basically, the tool shows you how you can improve the speed of any particular page. If the score of 90 or above, it indicates a good score which is fast and if the score between 50 to 90, it means to be average. Anything below 50 scores, will be considered below average i.e Slow.

2. GT Metrix

GT Metric has some amazing features to improve your website performance based on key indicators of page load speed. The tool shows in-depth information & examine your web page with Google Page Speed and Yahoo! YSlow.

With the free version of GT Metric, it will show you total page size, Page load time, and Total HTTP Requests. You can scan your website from 7 different server location.

3. Pingdom Website Speed Test

Experts really recommend this tool as it is one of the popular & free website speed test tool. Pingdom tool offers various services like waterfall breakdown, uptime monitoring, page speed monitoring, performance grade, page analysis, server monitoring, etc.

Same as Google PageSpeed Insights, the Pingdom tool offer in-depth performance reports in which area you can make improvements. The reports present in the form of page size by domain, requests by domain & page size by content type.

Following are the top 7 locations Pingdom tool test your website:

  1. Asian – Japan – Tokyo
  2. Europe – Germany – Frankfurt
  3. Europe – United Kingdom – London
  4. NorthAmerica – USA – Washington DC
  5. NorthAmerica – USA – San Francisco
  6. South America – Brazil – Sao Paulo

4. Uptrends

Uptrends is an all-in-one monitoring tool which offers more than 203 worldwide checkpoints to test your website speed. The tool gives you reports such as performance uptime, a functionality of your websites, servers, and APIs. It is a basic tool, but definitely a good choice.

5. Dareboost: Website Test & Website Analysis

Dareboost is also one of the best all-in-one service website load tester tool like others. It is very effective in certain areas like website analysis, web performance monitor, etc.

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